Before our all nighter at the beach :)
Twins!! #heart #identical
Definitely looking forward to seeing this tomorrow. Should be able to see it if the skies stay clear. #repost #NASA #rocketlaunch
The moon is bright and beautiful and it’s gorgeous out; I wish I were at the beach enjoying the view.
Five pictures that make me feel beautiful!! Now I challenge you to do the same! #challenge #tagafriend
You’re my best kept secret.
I told her to do something cute and this is what I get.
She’s something special.
So, the top picture is Katie trying to be Katy Perry (sparkler boobs) and the bottom is her directing a plane to land. We are a bunch of weirdos. :P
Celebrating the sixth of July!
My favorite place to be; I couldn’t imagine living anywhere but near the ocean. #repost
My tan lines are ridiculous! I got a little sun on my face and my hair is crazy!! But I rock beach hair :)
Beach is absolutely gorgeous today; the water is clear and I swear I saw a dolphin. You should be here!!
I enjoy the scenery in my little coastal town!